Saturday, June 29, 2013

Forgive me?

Sally McLane stepped into a little coffee shop and took a seat by the front window.
Because she was staring out the window she didn't see the waitress come up behind her.
The waitress clears her throat loudly, 'Ahem!'
Startled, Sally stammers, 'Oh, um... Do ye serve-?
her eyes met the waitress' and she gasped, 'Maggie?'
'Aiy, that's me, wot's et to ya?'
'It's me, Sally, your sister.'
Maggie sniffs, and says coolly, 'Oh? Wot do ye want from me?'
'Oiy don't want anathing from YOU, oiy've come 'ere for coffee.'
Maggie opened her notepad and looked at Sally, 'Well? Wot have ya?'
'An ice coffee, thanx.'
Maggie leaves and Sally sighs and mutters, incoherently.
Maggie returns with an ice coffee and a bill. She hands them to Sally.
Says somewhat curtly, 'Here ya are.'  and turns to leave.
Sally says 'Maggie?' and she turns back around, and asks angrily,
'Wot  do ya want noaw?'
Pleadingly Sally asks, 'Why, aftair seven years, do ye hafta be so curt with ma? Ya couldn't hafe forgotten in all those years? Nor forgiven?'
Maggie's eye twitches and she hisses, 'No. I couldn't forgit yor selfish acts and you gettin' off easy while oiy had to stay and be the responsible one. Do ya really expect ma ta forgiv ya?'
Sally, lip trembling, says, 'Yes.'
With a sardonic smile Maggie says, 'Never.' and walks away.

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