Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Perfection. What is it, to be perfect?

Perfect: Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. Ideal, model, without fault, flawless.
To be total, and complete, lacking nothing,

The total package.

A perfect match.

There is no perfection on earth. Only shadows of this magical pretense. Slivers of the perfect being.
Truth be told we all know that one person who is the closest thing to perfection we will ever see.

I've been called a complete waste of life, trash, evil, and many, many expletives...

I've also been called a goddess, gorgeous, could be an alt. model, the most perfect person on the face of the earth...

I couldn't possibly deny or confirm any of these claims. Perception is key. If you caught me on an off day you may think badly of me, if you are insane you might ignore that I'm a person altogether, if I give myself wholly to you perhaps you will think of me fondly.

Sometimes proving you're worthy isn't worth it at all.

If you are, congratulations. If you don't feel you are the closest to perfection you can be, work on it.

Didn't get a good education? Online classes.

You were neglected as a child? Surround yourself with loving friends.

Selfish? Lazy? Hateful? Fix it.

You can be the biggest obstacle in your journey to perfection. Sometimes letting go and smiling can take your day from hell to bliss. People aren't open to tolerating others feelings and problems, don't waste your time feeling hurt by that, wait for the ones who will care.

Some will never care and you'll only suffer trying to change that.

Perfection is personal, there is no universal image of perfection. God, of course, but with humans, it is relative.

Who in your life is perfect?