Monday, June 17, 2013


Spring may be 'just a season' to you, but to me it is a time of renewal. Flowers grow and bloom, green leaves appear on the branches of trees, many white and pink blossoms open, giving their springtime freshness to the stale wintry air. The air is still cool, but pleasantly so, not tart, like the stinging cold of winter. People begin to plant gardens, flower beds, and shrubs. People go fishing, they walk their dogs, they enjoy outings to the park, trips and picnics together.
Now, whether or not you agree with me, my plea to thee will always be:
That spring is not 'just a thing', it's people and God's earth, it's joy and happiness, Spring isn't 'just a season', and unless my mark I miss, it goes hand in hand with bliss.

This is something I wrote a time ago and entered in a contest, it didn't win, but I still like it!


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