Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Faring Place

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, it truly grieves me that I've been so negligent... Oh well, I'm posting now.
For those who have actually bother to read my blog, here's the next installment of Faring Place.

"Other than Wiley and Art, who lived?" I asked.

"We did." Tiger and Hobbes said together. "The portal was open until Madam Sun and Monsieur Moon intervened. By the time they did nearly everything was lost." Tiger said sadly.

"Why would you do that? And after the first time why did you go and do it again?!" I cried looking at Wiley and Art.

"Because this time you have something you didn't have before." Arts brown eyes shone and he smiled.

"What? Do you mean Sunnee?" I asked.

"That and a few other things." Wiley chuckled cruelly.

"Just tell us!" Jache wailed in a desperate tone.

"Why, it's much more fun to watch." Art grinned and he and Wiley disappeared without a sound.

"They left." Candy said stupidly.

"Thanks for that Candy, now we have a firm grasp of the obvious." Hollywood rolled his green eyes. Candy glared at him.

"That's not helping, Hollywood." Wally said. Hollywood just sighed. Everyone started to get up from the table.

"Where are you all going?" I asked.

"To bed. It's kinda late." Tiger yawned as the rest of the people, or elements of Faring Place filed out of the dining room.

"Are you serious? After what those two did your just GOING TO BED? You aren't going to try and figure out what they meant?" I was bemused by their apathy.

Tiger sighed heavily and sat down. "Just how are we supposed to figure out what they meant when we're too tired to THINK, Kedar? Really, you do know rest helps us regenerate right?"

"Yes." I snarled. "But they won't even stay up late to try and save themselves!"

"Listen," Tiger yawned again, "It's really late and we're all tired. Plus the full moon was two days ago, Madam Sun and Monsieur Moon kept it closed... Tomorrow we can try to figure out what we need to do."

"Wait a sec, you said that the Sun and Moon kept it closed? Why can't they do that all the time? And if the portal only opens when there's a full moon, can't the Moon just not show up?" I asked hurriedly.

"No Kedar, Monsieur Moon has to "show up" it's his curse, he will forever be the cause of the portals opening, all he can do is help us. No, Madam Sun would burn out if she came into The Night twice in a row... Or even twice in a hundred years! Kedar if it was that easy we would have already closed the portal for good!" Tiger rubbed his eye sleepily.

"How do you know you haven't overlooked something?" I asked him.

"Well every time you get a desperate idea you can tell me and I'll let you know if we've thought of it before." Tiger grinned, "Kedar, try and get some sleep, you'll need it." He walked out of the room leaving me in a whirlwind of thought. I sat at the table for a few hours after Tiger left. I thought of a million ways to figure out the missing piece of the Prophesy. Not one would have worked. I gave up after I thought of strangling Wiley and Art til they squealed. How can you strangle the Wind? I left the dining room and made my way to the stair case. As I began to ascend the stairs I heard Jonni crying. I took the hall way that led to the sitting room that I'd been in the night before. The door was closed, but light seeped out from under the door.

"You should be rejoicing Jonni! Not wailing so!" It was Sunnee.

"I-- I... I don't want to!" I heard Jonni cry like a child.

I raised my hand to the doorknob but someone jerked my arm back.  I turned to see Writer floating waist high in front of me. He began to float away and beckoned for me to follow, I did. He floated up the stairs to my room. "You belong Here Kedar." He said.

"What in my room?" I scoffed.

"No I meant Here, at 123 Faring Place... We need you. What for I can't imagine..." He eyed me indecisively, "You may prove yourself yet." He flitted away.

I stared after him even after I couldn't see him any more. Then I went in my room and lay in bed. I couldn't stop my mind from trying to solve Here's dilemma. Even though all my ideas were laughable I couldn't give up that I'd make a break through soon. I think it was around three in the morning when I dozed off.
So ended my second night at 123 Faring Place.

The next morning I woke to see Wiley and Art standing over me. Naturally I felt like hurting them, I tried to grab Art's collar and clobber him, but my hand went right through him. "Look Wiley, he's trying to grab the Wind." Art giggled.

"Silly boy the wind cannot be caught in your fist. Besides we came here to help you." Wiley said lazily.

"Really? Why would you two help me?" I asked with reproach.

"Because we have the deepest sympathy for you, Human. We do not wish death or torment upon you. We know you're bright, and you do like to write, do you not?" Wiley asked.

"Well, yes..." I answered,"But why does that interest you?"

"Because that fact will come in to play. You will need to write something you've never read before." Wiley gave a nasty laugh, "Good luck Savior." Laughing Wiley and Art dissolved.

I jumped up and ran out of my room, I ran down the hall, and slid down the banister. I flew through Wally's part of Faring Place and down to the dark of the basement. "Why! Why!" I called. A blue glow directed me to Why who was asleep on a hammock in a corner of the large basement. "Wake up!" I shook him.

He looked up at me with reproach, then wonder. "Wiley and Art just told me something about the Prophesy." I said. He sat up and looked at me eagerly.

"It doesn't exactly solve it, but they called me-- the Savior. They said I had to write something I'd never read before... Like the missing piece of the Prophesy." I explained.
Why looked at me a little annoyed. "I'm telling you the truth!" I exclaimed.
He gave me the 'then-prove-it' look.

"They were just in my room! They're gone now... I-- I can't prove it." I stuttered. He glared at me and rolled over, facing the wall. I sighed and climbed up the stairs to the kitchen. Around the table sat, Tiger, Hobbes, and Jache. Writer floated by the doorway. They looked up when I walked in. "Good morning, Kedar." Tiger smiled.

"It is not a good morning." I scowled.

"What's eating you?" Hobbes asked.

"Wiley and Art said something to me earlier about the Prophesy... Why thinks it's a lie." I said sliding into a chair.

"What'd they say?" Jache asked eagerly.

I gave a humorless laugh, "They said I was the Savior, and that I'd have to write the part of the Prophesy that they lost."

"You never even read it though!" Jache frowned.

"I know." I sighed.

"There must have been a large portion missing..." Tiger said thoughtfully.

"You believe me?" I asked hopefully, looking from Tiger to Hobbes and finally at Jache.

"Why would you lie? Your life depends on this as well as theirs." Tiger said motioning to Jache.

"But yours doesn't..?" I asked.

"No, we are Time, Kedar, Time is eternal. You know the saying, as old as Time, we are so old we've forgotten just how old we are. That's really old." Hobbes explained. "We are almost as resilient as Madam Sun and Monsieur Moon."

"Oh... Since I'm IN the Prophesy, can I read it? I'll need some idea of what it's structure is." I said.

"We'll have to ask Jonni..." Tiger said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because she's... in charge, more or less." Hobbes said.

"But WHY is she in charge? What is she if I'm the only Human?" I asked impatiently.

"Because Monsieur Moon sent her to us when he and Madam Sun closed the portal when Wiley and Art did this the first time." Tiger explained.

"And that makes her what? A Moonbeam?" I asked.

"Well yes, and she was placed at the head of Faring Place along time ago for every ones well being. She's perfect for management and the like." Hobbes smiled.

"Really? Sunnee's a Ray of Sun, Jonni's a Moonbeam, you two are Time, Wiley and Art are Wind.... Seriously? This is so weird..." I sighed.

Tiger and Hobbes raised their eyebrows at me. Jache scowled. "This is REAL you know, Kedar. And if you're some kind of Savior, you should believe." Jache got up and left the room.

"Is this the only building in Here?" I asked Tiger and Hobbes. Writer snickered from his position above my head.

"No Kedar, there are many things here in Here, why don't you go explore? It's really a brilliant place. 123 Faring Place is the 123rd building you know." Tiger laughed.

"How big is Here, is it like a country? Or a state or...?" I trailed off in a confused silence.

"Here is more of a state of being than anything else. It's just here, and so are we." Hobbes grinned and my confusion.

"Whatever." I growled and left the kitchen. I walked down the hall to the front door and placed my hand on the doorknob. I hesitated, just what would I find on the other side of that door? I turned the knob and walked out into the bright Sunlight of Here.
I was stupefied by the bright ambience of Here. The street that was directly in front of 123 Faring Place was a violent violet. The sky was many shades of blue. Baby blue, violet blue, indigo, and deep blue in the center. The clouds were fluffy white lined with silver. There were tall willow trees lining the street. I stood there staring for a moment in bemused silence.

"Don't stand gaping, Kedar!" Maddy's sharp voice make me jump. I looked over my shoulder and saw her staring down at me from one of the second story windows. Her bright orange and deep red flame hair was flickering in the slight breeze.

"Yeah, yeah..." I muttered turning back around and walking down the slim pink path that led from 123 Faring Place to the wide violet path which stretched as far as I could see in both directions.

"Go left." said a soft laughing voice. I glanced up and saw Writer floating to my left.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because the right is so... difficult. The way turns blue and it is a sad and lonely hue." Writer said with a twitch of his lips.

"I despise riddles." I growled in irritation.

"Why? They are a rather large amusement here in Here." He chuckled.

"Ugh. I literally detest them. They are a bother." I sighed.

"If you do go left the path fades red and you will be forced to riddle instead of staying here in the middle." Writer flitted to one of the willow trees and floated inches from the ground beneath the shade the long stringy leaves produced.

"You said that riddles were a bid thing here?" I asked.

"No, I said that they are a rather amusement here in Here. Do pay attention, Kedar." He grinned.

"Then why hasn't anyone bothered me with riddles in 123 Faring Place?" I asked sardonically.

"Because Jonni banned it." He said simply.

"Whatever..." I began to walk along the violet path. My mind was crammed with information and I couldn't think what it was. My eyes glazed as I walked and I retreated to my mind which was trying to sort out fact from fiction... It wasn't doing a good job.
Walking down the path in this haze I was unaware of the little creatures on the path in front of me.

"Hey!" A boy roared at me. He had a shock of blonde hair and angry brown eyes.

I stopped and looked around, I saw the small orange beings on the path. They were barely knee high and had innocent blue eyes.

"Did you just plan on running my Ferus over?" He demanded furiously.

"No, I wasn't watching where I was going. Sorry kid." I sidestepped the little things and began to walk down the path.

"Hey, where do you think your going?" The boy asked.

"Uh-" I began.

"Don't apologize to me, apologize to them." he pointed to the Ferus.

With a sigh I walked back over to them and knelt down. "I am sincerely sorry for not watching where I was going." I said shooting the boy a is-that-good-enough? glance.
He nodded to the Ferus. They smiled at me with their thin lips. One of them stepped up to me and put a soft paw on my knee.

"We forgive you." his voice was deep and syrupy, he sounded like he was singing. I smiled and stood.

"Who're you anyway? I don't think I've ever seen you here." The boy asked.

"I'm Kedar Christenson." I said. "I don't think we've met before because I haven't so much as left 123 Faring Place for the past few days that I've been here in Here."

"I see... I'm Rory, I'm a Ferus Guardian. What are you?" Rory asked eyeing me.

"I'm a Human." I said.

"Really? I've never met a Human before." He said in wonderment.

"And I've never met a Ferus Guardian before." I grinned.

"So, Kedar the Human, where are you headed?" Rory asked.

"I was just wandering, trying to see what sort of place Here is." I replied.

"It's a nice place, though I hope you can solve the case, there is a a race, you must win." Rory said slowly and carefully as if he'd rehearsed.

I glared at him. "What are you talking about, Rory?" I asked dryly.

"I-" He faltered for a moment and then stood tall and began to recite, "It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit."

"Antoine Rivarol." I said. "So what is all this poetic nonsense for?" I asked miffed.

Rory puffed out his chest in indignation, "Heed the rhymes, you haven't much time, not for the feat that you must accomplish. Plus, aren't you a writer? Why do you hate poems?"

I scowled at him, "Nice to meet you, Rory. And Ferus." I nodded my head in their direction before I walked away down the path.

"Hey, wait!" Rory called desperately running after me, the tiny Ferus tailing along.

"What do you want kid?" I asked aggravated.

"You shouldn't go that way, really today isn't the day for danger." He said his eyes wide.

"Why do you insist on rhyming? It's annoying." I said. He merely looked at me. I sighed. "Well, where should I go?" I asked.

"That way, to the bay." He said pointing to a little green path nestled between two large weeping willows.

"The bay?" I asked him.

"Yes. The portal is there."

"THE portal? Where the... things come out? You just said today wasn't a day for danger." I said instantly wary.

Rory looked at me as if I was a child, "Dear Kedar, you have forgotten your Star."

"What? Oh, you mean Why?" I barked a mirthless laugh, "He wouldn't help me."

"Is that so? Look at that crow, it has followed you." Rory pointed to a large crow in a gnarly willow.

"Why?" I approached the bird cautiously. Why did morph from a Star to a human form, why not a bird? I thought. The bird flew to a lower branch and then hopped onto the ground. It stretched it's wings and Why stood before me with a lopsided smile on his glowing face.

"Why did you follow me?" I glowered at him. He shrugged.

"He was worried you'd come to harm. How sweet." Writer laughed sardonically, floating down and hovering a few inches above the ground.

"Why are you two here?" I asked again.

"Because Jonni told us to follow you," Writer grinned, "She was concerned." Why smiled and I saw his pointy white teeth.

"Concerned about what?" I asked.

"Your safety, little one." Writer snickered.

I glared at him and Why. "Soooo, shall we proceed?" Rory asked.

"Why are we going to the portal anyways?" I asked uncomfortably.

"You need to see it. You may have to help keep it closed." Writer said shortly. He, Why and Rory (with the little Ferus) began to walk down the green path. I hesitantly followed. We followed the trail to a gorgeous bay. It consisted a large beach, a grove of palm trees and an enormous grey mountain . In the middle of the mountain (between twin palm trees) there was a yawning cave mouth.

"Is that...?" I gulped as we drew closer to the mountain.

"Yes, that's the portal." Writer said solemnly.

Why stopped not fifty yards from the portal. Writer and Rory stood by him, staring into the black opening. I stood a little ways behind them with the Ferus, who were looking at Rory's back with their large eyes full of worry. Rory turned around and looked at me with scorn.

"Kedar, come here." Writer said in a flat voice. I inched towards him and stopped at his elbow.

"Yeah?" I asked, shooting the cave nervous glances.

"Quit being a coward." He said dryly.

"I- I'm... sorry." I whispered.

"Writer, I'm so sorry I have to miss this but I must take the Ferus home." Rory sighed and led the Ferus back up the little green path and away out of sight.

"What ever. Do you see that?" Writer pointed to a figure emerging from the cave. I almost fainted. It's supposed to be closed! I thought. I looked closely at the thing and saw it was human, or at least looked human. It was a girl. She had bouncy brown curls and wide blue eyes.

"Kill it." Writer said coldly.

"What? That's a girl, I can't-" I began to protest.

"That isn't a girl, Kedar. She is a beast. Right Why?" Writer turned to Why who was scowling darkly. He nodded yes.

"Wha- but, wait your not serious? C'mon, if she was a monster how would I kill her anyways?" I asked desperately.

"Do you honestly believe that I'd roam Here without a weapon or two?" Writer produced a slim sword from his long shirt.  "Be careful with it. It's delicate."

I took it from him with trembling hands and slid the gleaming blade from the leather sheath. I put my finger to the edge of the sword and winced. Blood flowed from a much larger cut than I meant to inflict. I sucked my finger as tears welled up in my eyes.

"You are supposed to kill that thing not yourself, Kedar." Writer said with a smirk.

"Shut up." I muttered. "Your sure she's a monster? I mean what if she isn't?" I asked toying with the sword.

"Kedar, do you doubt me?" Writer asked sternly.

"Well I--" I began.

He smack the back of my head. "Trust me, "she" is a beast. Kill her."

"Fine." I glowered and moved towards the girl.

Writer put a hand on my arm, "Don't let her speak to you Kedar."  I gave an uncertain nod and proceded towards her.

She waved cheerily to me as if she was waiting for me. "Hello, Kedar!" She called. I stopped, confused. How did she know my name?  "I finally found you!" she said running towards me arms extended as if for a hug. I backed away the sword useless at my side, I knew this girl. I thought. I had to, she knew me... As she got closer I made out her facial features. She had a small nose and a rosy mouth. Her eyes weren't blue as I first thought, but green and her face was round and smooth.  A shock went through me, I did know her!

"Dakota?" I asked. "DAKOTA!" I screamed dropping the sword in the sand.

"No, Kedar! It isn't her! Kill it!" Writer yelled at me.

I tensed. What if Writer was right? What if it wasn't Dakota? In a moment of fear and doubt I pick the sword back up and held it out in front of me. Dakota wouldn't run into it... The girl kept running towards me and she bared her teeth. She morphed from my Dakota to a wild looking woman with dark skin and black orbs where she should have had eyes. I screamed and thrust the sword into her middle still holding tightly to the hilt.
For a fearful second I thought it wouldn't go through it. But I felt it leave it's body. It lay, a bloody heap on the sand. I gagged and turned around.
Why and Writer walked up to me and looked down at the lifeless form.

"Well done, Kedar." Writer said relieving me of his blade. "Next time I'll make you clean it." He said wiping it on his pant leg. Why steered me over to a palm tree and sat me down. He began to write in the sand. He poked me until I looked down at what he's written.

"Who's Dakota?"

"She's... my friend." I said slowly. So many things clouded my mind, memories came rushing to me I was overwhelmed. I sat with my legs apart and clutched my head.

"Hey, are you alright?" Writer asked. Why glared up at him and shook his head. Writer groaned and flung himself down on the sand. "You know, Why it's a good thing it wasn't really her."

"WHAT?" I roared.

"Oops..." Writer said reddening under my glare.

"What do you mean, it's a good thing it wasn't really her! You said it was a monster, you said you KNEW it was a monster not really her! How could you lie to me?" I asked out of breath and light headed.

"I was fairly certain that it wasn't her..." Writer muttered.

"Fairly certain?! That's not good enough. I thought you said that the portal was closed." I looked at him with greatest distrust.

"It is... during the night." Writer said.

"Wait, you said you weren't sure if it was Dakota or not... does that mean she could come here?" I asked.

"Well... there's a slim chance." Writer said hesitantly. "Who's Dakota...?" He asked.

"She's my friend... we grew up together in the orphanage..." I said, remembering a red brick building a green lawn surrounded it. I vividly saw Dakota leaning against a tree smiling (at me). We were talking about something...

"We need to go." Writer said abruptly. "Now."  Why stiffened and got to his feet, he hauled me to a standing position and we headed for the green path. Writer stood on one side of me and Why on the other. They walked quickly, half dragging me along.

"Why are we going so fast?" I asked dazed. Writer didn't answer but both kept up the fast pace. We reached the main path and stopped, Why and Writer were out of breath.
Wiley and Art appeared in front of us smirking. Writer scowled and Why glowered.

"Oh Kedar you are a brave one." Wiley cooed.

I glared at him, no words would come to my parched mouth. "You know Kedar, these two have lied to you more than you know." Art grinned.

"What?" I croaked.

"Writer and Why and even Jonni have not been entirely honest with you. But we will be." Wiley said in a sickly sweet voice.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Did you know that your dear girlfriend, what was her name?" Art asked Wiley.

"Dakota." Wiley replied.

"Ah yes, Dakota. Your darling Dakota could come through that portal and be slain by any one of the inhabitants of Here." Art smiled sweetly.

"And did they tell you that there is an hour when the portal can transport you to where ever you desire to go? If YOU were to into the portal at this hour you could be taken back to Dakota." Wiley said with a flash of his sparkling teeth.

I looked at Writer and Why in disbelief. Why hadn't they told me?