Friday, January 10, 2014

My Alice in Wonderland

I'm frightfully sorry I've neglected my blog! I have been very busy though... Never mind, here's a new post:

I've decided to write an Alice in Wonderland story, I don't have more than a vague idea of what I want to do with it, but an idea is a start! Here are some pictures I've been doodling from the Disney cartoon and a few from my imagination.
My Alice in Wonderland college.

The Blood Red Queen.

The Red Queen and the White Knight who becomes the Red King.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
"If you think we're waxworks you should pay for the privilege of looking. Contrariwise if you think we're alive we ought to introduce ourselves."  

"Goodbye Dinah!"

The talking Flowers.
"She's just a weed!"

The White Rabbit.
"Oh! I'm late, late, late, for a very important date!"

The King and Queen.
"Off with his head." Queen
"No!" King (Knight)

The Blue Caterpillar, or Absalom.
"Don't you know who you are? Stupid girl."

The Mad March Hare. 
"If you don't think then you shouldn't speak."

The Mad Hatter.
"Have I gone mad?" Hatter
"I'm afraid so, your completely bonkers, but I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are." Alice

The Mad Dormouse or Dormy.

Obviously I have a few more characters to go, I haven't even drawn the King or Queen of Hearts yet, but I will soon. So far all that I really know about my tale is that my Mad Hatter's name is Cyrus, Alice is going to be lured into Wonder/ Underland to save them all no doubt, and that the White Knight, Benedict Andersson, unwittingly saved the Red Queen, Rani Brier, and is forced to marry her. She keeps him locked away in her dungeons and she calls him "Her little pet". Benedict is 21 years old, but he, like so many people, has a baby face so looks much younger. I know that's not much of an idea, but there'll be more soon!