About This Blog

This blog is for writers. Neither young nor old, just writers. I want people who love writing to be able to comment, share story ideas, and discuss the wonderful world of words.


  1. Hello! You visited my blog (Whatever Befalls) awhile ago. I finally figured out how to get to yours. Your writing looks very good; I hope to come back with some in-depth comments on the stories that you've posted. Keep writing, always for Christ!

    Lass Hale

  2. Thank you for your comment! Yes, Jesus Christ id the best inspiration... I know, I know, that phrase is getting old... I DO say that frequently don't I...

  3. Hey!
    I've just stumbled across this blog and it seems pretty cool.
    oh, and i'm a writer as well (not an official one obviously but hoping to be) :)

    1. Hey, thanks!! Welcome to the blog, feel free to give any feedback or ask any questions!