Wednesday, June 26, 2013


   An air of sorrow wafts about him, he slips thru cities unnoticed, he sees, but is not seen. He sticks to the shadows and crowded places, he blends. How he hides himself is a mystery, he cut a striking figure, with the palest of skin, yellowish green eyes, and hair that is more black than a moonless sky. If you feel your being watched in a crowd, he is there. If you're all alone walking down a deserted street in the dead of night and feel a piercing gaze penetrate your comfort, he is there, and he is always watching.
   Beware if you feel you're watched, the shadow of a man is there, and for one purpose alone does he stalk.
He is there to retrieve. If you've stolen something, if you've taken so much as a thread that was not your own, he will hunt you down and take double from you what you've taken from another. So you too will know the pain of loss, and be wise enough to earn what you receive and leave others hard earned possessions alone.
   Why does he fight for us all? He has also felt the sharp, cutting pain of loss... His mind is his own and he thinks that no one should get by with theft.
And who is this ghostly shadow? His name is Echo.

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