Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hey Writers!

While I was creating characters for a new story with my friends, C & D, D brought something to my attention that I won't soon forget. Usually when creating a character you'd create their appearance (hair, eyes, clothes, etc.), and their personality, maybe you'd even put them in a setting, I usually do.
But, D said, do people ever create a personal smell for a character?
Do we have our own unique smell? Yup.
C said she loves 'that Cedar smell' lol.
C smells like cantaloupes, sweet! (I wouldn't be surprised if the cantaloupe air freshener in her room has something to do with it. (: )
D smells like deodorant... most of the time...
I had a great aunt once who smelled like bananas... So I called her Nanas...

In some stories the author will put a remark like 'The old woman's house smelled like the chocolate cookies she was forever baking', or 'The air in the waiting room was toxic from so many people wearing too much cologne.' 
But seldom do characters have their own smell.
The next time I create a character, their gonna have their own smell.


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