Friday, August 23, 2013


I believe people take words for granted. The very momentum of their atrocity or sweet caress of  their kindness is taken to lightly.
How hurtful words can be! Like a slap across the face. A mouthful of words can take down a legion of men. A sentence can ruin a man, whereas a paragraph could utterly destroy a family, never to be repaired again.

"I hate you." Three measly  words, yet such pain it can inflict! Casting aside a loved one in the heat of emotion.

"Goodbye." One word that reduces millions to tears, their hearts longing to keep holding on to that person who is leaving them.

"Why?" The one question that goes unanswered through the years, leaving mysterious silence in it's wake.

People don't comprehend the amount of damage a few hasty words can create, the havoc that can spread like wildfire across the plains of peoples minds and hearts.
The devastation they bring upon each other by their mere demeanor, clearly voiced by their actions, whether biased of malcontent.
Words can bore into your heart of hearts like venom through the fangs of those who would so poisonously drip their disgust abroad. 
O! What a word can do! Bringing down worlds in a single rumor! But do we heed the unnecessary hurt we inflict upon each other? No, we selfishly  continue our rants, blindly avoiding the destruction that we create.

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