Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The In Between

There is a land beyond the sea, and it used to have two separate kingdoms.
There was a land shrouded in the darkest shadows, and a land that shone like a star, white and pure.
They were parallel each other, the darkness staying in the shadows, the light shining every bright.
One day something happened, someone was malcontent with the purity of the light and the emptiness of the blackness, so that someone stood in the middle, refusing to be good, but trying not to look bad in the process.
The lands became mixed at the borders, a fuzzy gray place took residence in between the dark and the light. Souls that veered to far astray would be lost in the gloom, the fog was concealing as the darkness, so they thought, but so close to the light that they could go back if they wanted to, but they didn't want to.
Everyone decided that it was O.K. to be a little dark, but what they didn't know, and still refuse to believe, is that their darkness outweighs their fasod of light. They really aren't good in the least, but they portend to be.
Our image is too greatly marred in the darkness, so let's try to fool them and be both.

But, as they will find out the hard way, one day good will prevail and their misty shroud will melt before the heat of light, and they will be seen for what they truly are. Evil.

There is no in between, only right and wrong, good and evil, there is no big and little lies, small sins and big one, in Jesus Christ eyes they are all sins.