Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Snow lay in heaps on the ground, and still the fat snowflakes descended.
They fell on their white brothers and sisters, they lay, all nestled together on roofs, yards, and the asphalt street.
A single streetlight illuminated the white and black night.
Mounds of flurry snow climbed up around the lamppost, like children pile round a good storyteller, eagerly expecting a treat.
The golden radiance of the lamp pierced the darkness, like a beacon it shone to show the gingerly falling snow where to land.
'Come', the light beckoned, 'Fall here, with your beautiful, cold family. Rest beneath my halo of brightness, I will keep you safe.'
And they fell quickly, thickly to the gleaming shine of the light. 


  1. I love the simile "like children pile round a good storyteller"!

  2. Thank ye, thank ye! I thought it was a good choice... It made sense to me anyway, I get caught up in my imagination frequently... Not a bad thing though is it?