Monday, May 13, 2013


Red is love and red is hate, please don't tell me you love me or on my nerves you shall grate!
Pink is bubbly and pink is haughty, Free me. From the giggling girl, from the piercing eyes of she.
Purple isn't deep, nor is it shallow, it's not contempt nor disdain. It's achy, sobby, WANT. You can have it, but you must give. Will you? Indecision.
Green is sick and green is minty fresh. Green is springy light-hearted-ness. Oh! Bliss!
Blue is sad and blue is deep. Take a daring leap and see, you can soar in the air or swim in the sea. Oh, so free!
Orange is peeved and oranges are peeled. It's full of zest and citrus, orange is a spice to life.
Grey is melancholy, grey is sad. Deep sighs roll, thunder sounds. Dark clouds gather, casting shadows on the ground.
Black is deep and black is wide, my pen over this paper glides. My mind's carpet is leaving on a trip, I'm along for the ride. I am off to the side, hanging onto the tassels, gripping for dear thoughts.
Black is my inner being.

Yellow is for Cedar Sunshine of course!



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