Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Sentiment

 Story letters from Z.O.Z. and myself.

  My dearest,
In a brighter frame of mind, I might say I am well. I am not. Not well at all. I wish I could melt into a puddle, and float away, down the stream of my own mind. What I wouldn't give for a hand to hold..
Why is it we speak so much, yet I feel no warmth from you..? I thought it was me.
 I tried again and again to change for you. Nothing made a difference, because it was not I, after all.
You never loved was my silly childish dream to believe a man like you would ever love such a silly, silly girl. I don't think you have a heart, do you? It Is as I thought, you are devoid of feeling. If you do have a heart, it must be as cold as your eyes. How could you shun me so? Without even a remorseful thought? I LOVE you!! Or I, I do still. Because I am silly, as mother always said.
Your betrayal cuts deeper than the knife you plunged into his majesty's heart. Please write to me..I will not shun YOU.

-Violet Wilde


You are the silly girl you used to be, and you will always be. Like your name, your emotions run wild. I could never love such a flippant girl. That you are a child, I am adamant.
The king deserved that jeweled dagger. They LITERALLY celebrated at his funeral. I am an outlaw, yet a celebrity. Please do NOT reply to this. I simply haven't the time. Though you are annoying, you always linger in my mind...


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