Saturday, December 12, 2015


  Once again, apologizes for the absence, I have been harried with work and other activities... Though I have had some time to draw and write a bit. I am including a few of my before and after pictures below.




  Let me walk you through my thinking process on these pictures. With my limited knowledge of drawings I attempted to make my characters, which I pictured so vividly in my minds eye, and it did not end well. 
  I didn't let that stop me though and, with the rare exception, I have drawn everyday this year.  
  The first picture is of one of my older and favored characters, Reece Reeves. My original intention was to give him a "bad haircut" look... As you can see that did not go well. Both of the original pictures are from the beginning of this year and the other two are from this past week.  
  Now the second picture is one of my other characters and it's actually a gender bend, my original Babylon is male. Babylon is a fabulous fashion designer and she turned out much better than I anticipated (as did Reece, honestly).

 Tell me if you liked these pictures and I may be tempted to share more. If you draw I'd love to see some of your work (with the exception of lewd content, thanks)! 

  I have had time to write as well and if you'd like to, I'm posting my new piece on the blog I share with my friends, Brilliant Morons. I'd love it if you'd click the link below and take a peek!

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