Wednesday, March 12, 2014


In the dead of night a black car glided over the fading asphalt to number 17 Theas Street. Even in the darkness it was evident that the house was old and dilapidated. The car came to a silent halt. A tall dark man emerged and walked up the path to the sagging porch. He knocked on the splintering wood of the door with a gloved hand. There was an audible squeak of a wooden floor board being stepped on. The man knocked again. The door swung open and a youth stood there looking at the man with reproachful grey eyes.

"Hello Charles." The man said. "You're a hard man to find."

"You're hard to shake." Charles replied grimly.

"You know you have to come with me. Mr.Heath is very anxious to have you back."

"Many people want me. You can tell the world that Charles(A.)Wallace is out of commission. I'm done playing games, Anthony."

"You haven't the right to make that choice, Charles. Your gift is not to be wasted." Anthony replied flatly.

"You know you don't believe that. Why are you his puppet? You could just leave, no one could keep up with you. Not even I could." Charles said.

"I can't... I- Just come on Charles, I don't want to have to hurt you." Anthony said unsure at first then firm and absolute.

Knowing Anthony would bring him to Heath Mountains by any means necessary Charles went with him. They took Anthony's car to the airport and caught the next flight for the Alps.

"Your a real lousy guy y'know that?" Charles said half mockingly.

"You shouldn't have left Chuckawalla." Anthony's lips twitched.

"Heath says he's all for the "cause" but you know he's in it for his own personal gain." Charles said somberly.

"He has something on everyone... it's not like we could abandon him. He's made sure of that." Anthony sighed.

Charles shook his head, "So did he find his new "star safer"?"

"Yeah, some kid named Rawlins. He shows a lot of potential. You know, he's going to make you bond with the kid." Anthony added.

"Yeah. He does that. It's way of taunting me. Ha, he laughs at me, you have to deceive these poor kids, you have to tell them you are their friend and everything will be okay. Ugh. That man is sick. Does he really have to do what he does?" Charles growled.

"Probably not. He does it to aggravate people who can't do anything about it."

"That's us." Charles said closing his eyes.

"Yeah..." Anthony accepted one of the neck pillows the flight attendant was passing out.

That's all for now, hope to supply more soon. If you're wondering this is from my story Heath Mountains. It's Charles backstory, he's an Instructor at the institute. 

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