Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Ever Changing Picture

It mattered not to the moon, where we'd been nor where we we were going. She shone brightly in the inky sky all the same.
Black and grey clouds swelled and covered her light. But the little white orb swung like a bobble out from under the dark clouds and fell back again. Some invisible finger kept her swinging like a pendulum, back and forth to and fro. The darkest of the clouds began to scuttle away, leaving the smokey grey clouds to roll over the moon.
Speeding along below like a silver bullet the Avalon crossed the Texas border and into vast farm land.
Here the sky was above and around, it endlessly stretched over me, making the flat land look wide and thin.
The sky turned slowly lighter, to a grey, and the clouds were tinged with the deepest scarlet.
Lighter still it grew, the grey began rising like steam and a silky cream color lined the half grey clouds.
The grey clouds passed and new white ones pervaded, giving my still shining sphere a wide berth.
The sun had not shown his face, so the moon stubbornly stayed in the wan blue heavens.
It emitted a ghostly pale shine. Poor Ms.Moon! Her craters formed a wailing face, she was quite desolate, but she dare not leave until Mr.Sun had presented himself.
Lo! A golden shine from the North! A cloudbank covered the moon and when it was swept away by the wind she was gone.
Mr.Sun had taken over his azure realm, and Ms.Moon sank around the planet into another black, black night.

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