Tuesday, February 26, 2013


   Musicians live lives through their songs. One joyous note could raise the hearts of the audience like the new moon. Likewise, a single sorrowful note could send tears of sympathy down the cheeks of the listeners of the symphony.
   Chefs inspire us with their delicate desserts. Food is their passion, they make us want more. Many a poor persons have achieved this work.
   Writers can send a chill down your spine with a sentence full of terror and of nightmarish horrors, or lift your spirit with a simple tale of truth. Love and hate, pride and humility. They are capable of crushing your mood or giving you a wild ride.
   Artists can describe life with a flourish of their brush. As clay in the potters hands can become your dream or envy.
   Look past the paint, clay, food, parchment, instruments, and SEE the Artist.
They all have the passion of life, and the means to express it.

   Come all writers, tell each other what you think, hear what others can say to you, how they can help you, and how we can thrive.

Someday I hope to be an author.

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